Sunday, September 20, 2015

Coffee, anyone?

Apparently there's overwhelming evidence out there that soda is bad for you.  Like, really bad.  In a number of different, scary ways.  Baaaad.

But I like Pepsi.

I like Pepsi a LOT.

The nectar of the gods, I've always said.

Plus, caffeine!

But it's bad.  Bad bad bad.  So I'm trying to find alternatives.

For a while last year, I just thought I'd drink my water at lunchtime.  Problem solved.  Until the afternoon headache, when I wasn't just a tired teacher, but a tired and unhappy and b****y teacher.  So that only lasted about, um, one day.  

Back to the Pepsi at lunchtime!

And back to the guilt, because of the sugar and what it does to the brain and everything else.  So this summer I decided I had to find an alternative.

Enter iced coffee.  (Which I cannot drink black - it needs sugar and creamer.) (Lots.)

I tried making it in coffee mugs and pouring it into the thermos.  Messy, messy, messy.

I tried making it in the carafes.  Very hard to stir.

So I make it in the coffee pot.

And I mix the sugar and creamer in with a serving spoon, which I find hilarious.  (SERIOUS COFFEE MAKING GOING ON HERE, PEOPLE.)

Then I pour it into the carafes and eventually, when it's cooled a bit, it goes into the fridge.

On school mornings, I put some ice in my awesome Thermos, fill it up with cold coffee, and head off to school.  Five hours later at lunchtime, it's absolutely perfect.  

And wow, am I peppy in the afternoons.

Come on, kids, keep up!

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