Thursday, August 13, 2015

Success #2: Back to school excitement

Ah, summer.  We've had an awesome summer.  It's been one of those summers where I have deliberately tried NOT to think about school - let's take a break from that, Amanda - and it's been wonderful.  In fact, I've been so good at "don't think about school!" that when I DID think about it, there was a little dread there.  "Oh no, summer is going to end eventually . . . !"

Well, I went in last week to drop off some purchases, make sure my furniture had been put back in the right place (our building service team is really good, but I forgot to leave a map and pictures this year, so I didn't know where everything would be - turns out, it was all exactly where I wanted it!), and do a little preliminary unpacking.  And guess what?  It was fun!  And now I'm ready to go back! :)

I brought home and labeled my kids' whiteboard markers tonight.  Exciting, I know. ;)  And I tried not to get all perfectionist about it (I only had 17 kids last year and I'm sure it took me much longer to label last year's markers than tonight's 24 - I was in get it done mode tonight!).  These markers are one of the things the kids will have in their pencil pouches (more on that another time), and the numbers - I resisted numbering my kids for almost 20 years and oh my goodness, it's just amazing - are simply taped on with packing tape.  Aren't they pretty? :) 

If you want them, feel free to pick up these numbers for your own use!

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